Travel Series: He&She — Road trip

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Note: This article is dependent on your imagination skills. The better you are with imagination, the better this one is going to be. So keep your mind empty and relaxed to make this an immersive experience. Read on!

He&She is used more as a noun than a pronoun in this article! Also, deciding the relationship of He&She is left to the reader’s imagination!

It was a Friday evening. He was back from work early and She was working from home and had logged off early too. She was lazying around on the couch just changing channel one after the other and he was preparing their favorite dinner — Friday’s was his turn for cooking and he usually enjoyed it.

As she was changing the channel suddenly she sprung up in excitement and thought,

‘Why not!’.

She slowly crept into the kitchen and hugged him from behind. He chuckled and asked,

‘Already hungry?? Just 10 mins and the pasta will be ready!’.

But she totally ignored the question and asked,

‘Let’s take a week’s off and go on a road trip!’.

He stopped his work, and turned and was surprised by the sudden plan. But he knows her so well, that he did not get too shocked anyways. He said,

‘Hmmm! Well… that sounds exciting. It's been a while since we wandered off unplanned. And I still remember how much fun it was the last time we did that. But yeah my manager is gonna hate me for this, but that's okay.. managers can be managed’ and winked at her.

She jumped up excited and asked him to finish the cooking quickly and went off to packing. She was too excited to think, but since they usually traveled light, packed up a few essentials and things needed and the bags were up and ready to go even before the dinner was done.

‘Wow, that was very quick!’, he said and she giggled in excitement.

She always relishes the feeling of anticipation and was all in the jolly-girl mode.

He had set up their dining table by the balcony with some fairy lights around and lit the candle and neatly arranged the plates. He loved doing this. He loves showing his love for her in everything he does for them. The ‘We’ and the ‘Us’ matter a lot to ‘Them’.

They sat down for dinner and she served the food while he poured them some wine and also added some music to the air. She loves pasta and so does he. As soon as she had the first spoon, she got carried away for a moment, indulging herself with the white cheeeezy pasta. He kept watching her with a smile.

‘Wow! You are getting better each time and this is definitely the best so far’,

and planted a quick kiss on his cheeks and giggled at him playfully while he wiped some pasta sauce off his cheeks.

They enjoyed the food and the wine for a while and then started the topic, ‘Where to go?’.

He asked, ‘Any plans on where we can head to?’.

While they were still thinking, she abruptly said,
‘Tell me one alphabet quickly’
and he blurted out,
‘hmmm, G!’.
She closed her eyes and thought for a while, and then opened it as if enlighted by some superpower and said —

…To be continued

Did you draw the picture in your head? Did it make you smile at any point? Sometimes, even a small scene can make life look so dreamy!

Life Goals — Live happily!

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